How to Pitch to Your Workplace That Female Bathroom Need’s A Sanitary Bin with Regular Servicing

How to Pitch to Your Workplace That Female Bathroom Need’s A Sanitary Bin with Regular Servicing

For many women, the stress of not knowing where to dispose of your female hygiene products is a sad and unfair reality. The taxing decision whether to wrap it up and flush it down the toilet with the possibility of blocking the toilets pipes or leaving it on the ground. Neither of these options are what anyone want to do, however that is sometimes the only options for women.

A sanitary pad should never be disposed in the toilet and flushed down. As a result, it will absorb a lot of water and grow in size, once it is down the drainpipe it can choke up at some point. Ultimately this can affect entire buildings drain, potentially causing a drain outburst.

Though ensuring workplace bathrooms have sanitary waste disposal is an Australian hygiene regulation, it is likely many women have experienced the inconvenience of having know where to place their sanitary waste commonly at places such cafes, a soccer club. Sometimes it may be a male boss who has just not considered this need for women and there is no shame in requesting better sanitation standards.

Here are a few examples of how you can ask your workplace to get or improve their sanitary waste disposal in a professional and non-awkward manner.

  1. You could say something like…

“Hey ‘name’. I noticed that the women’s bathroom doesn’t have a sanitary bin. Could we please get one?”


“Hey, I noticed that we don’t have a sanitary bin in the ladies’ room, who do I need to see to get one put in there? I just don’t want medical waste put in with the regular trash or it to be flushed down the toilet”

  1. If you potentially find that too embarrassing or nerve racking to suggest in person, make the suggestion via email.

Some businesses can be hesitant to invest in good-quality sanitary bins, but they can make a huge difference to the overall cleanliness and safety of their washroom environment.

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