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Sanokil hand dryers provide a hygienic, hassle-free and economic solution to the problem of complying with washroom regulations for hand drying facilities. Personal hygiene is important to protect yourself and others from illness. Many bathroom users prefer to use hand dryers over paper towels as they believe them to be more hygienic.

Sanokil sell two high quality electric dryers; the Autobeam Automatic and the Applause Automatic. the environment it will be used will dictate the dryer that is right for you.

They are tough, durable and easy to install. They are highly economical to run compared to paper towel dispensers, which can cost up to 10 times more. Like all our products, they are stylish and modern.

But best of all, once a Sanokil hand dryer is installed you can leave it to do its job. So you will no longer have to employ someone to constantly refill the hand towel dispenser or empty the waste paper bin in your washroom.

Unsightly, unhygienic over-flowing waste bins will be a thing of the past. Get in touch today today for a free quote or if you have any questions. Our customer service team is here to answer any question you may have.

Our Range of Hand Dryers:


Dualflow Plus White Hand Dryer


  • HEPA filter and Biocote© Technology (antimicrobial agent)
  • Can Be Connected Directly to the Waste Pipe
  • Very Fast Drying (8-15 Seconds)
  • Environmentally Friendly
Price: $1,495 (including gst)

Dualflow Plus Premium Hand Dryer


  • HEPA filter and Biocote© Technology (antimicrobial agent)
  • Can Be Connected Directly to the Waste Pipe
  • Available in Black or Silver Satin
  • Environmentally Friendly
Price: $1,695 (including GST)

Autobeam Automatic


  • High Quality Sensor Accuracy
  • Vandal Proof Construction
  • Durable White Enamel Cast Casing
  • Hygienic and Economic
  • Ten Year Warranty
Price: $596 (including GST)

Applause Automatic


  • Safe, Tamper-Proof Intake Opening
  • Comfortable Hand Drying Facility
  • Hygienic and Economic
  • Durable White Enamel Cast Casing
  • 12-Month Warranty
Price: $465 (including GST)

Sanokil’s Commitment to Service

At Sanokil, service is our business. We understand your need for regular and reliable services, whether it is exchanging our Sanitary Bins, Nappy Disposal Bins or Medical Waste for freshly sanitised units, replacing the eco-mats, Air Freshener, Toilet Blue or Urinal Sanitisers in a timely manner that suit you, or making sure that your Soap Dispensers or Vending Machines are working and stocked properly. We pride ourselves on delivering the best washroom services in Australia, and tailoring those services to meet the precise needs of each of our clients. So from the first conversation with one of our customer service representatives to discuss your requirements, through to regular visits from our team of service professionals, we guarantee total commitment to hygiene service.

Our Services

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Air Freshener

Combining premium design with modern hygiene technology, Sanokil’s Air Freshener will help to make a statement in your workplace.

Auto-Lid Sanitary Unit

Our auto lid sanitary disposal bin allows no touch so you can avoid all physical contact which in turn reduces cross infection as the unit opens by passing your hand over a sensor.

Other Services

At Sanokil, service is our business. Check out our full range of sanitary, first aid and washroom services here.

Washrooms are the public 'face' of your business
We make sure they are clean and safe, with Sanokil Sanitary Services

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