Sharps Disposal Bins

The safe disposal of used needles and syringes is not just a requirement of hospitals and medical clinics. The locations they are needed are dictated by the need for public safety. These places include hotels, shopping centres and council parks. More places are expected to provide safe, secure collection bins for contaminated “sharps”. Sanokil Sharps Disposal Units are the ideal solution for the safety of your customers, visitors and staff.

Carefully designed, the safes are lockable and tamper-proof, Sanokil Sharps Disposal Bins have a 1.7 litre capacity and come in the Australian standard yellow so they will stand out in your washroom or medical clinic. We attach the units securely to the wall so that it is always easy to access.

Sanokil’s trained service professionals empty the units at regular intervals. The contents disposed of safely by licensed contractors.

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Our Sharps Disposal Bins


Tamper-Proof Design

Lockable Steel Option

Easy to Maintain and Service

Safe to Operate, Reducing Risk of Injury

Australian Standard Yellow

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Sharps Disposal

It’s more vital than ever to give staff and customers the means to safely dispose of needles. Sanokil’s sharps containers are high quality and meet Australian standards. You will enjoy scheduled servicing from our trained technicians.

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At Sanokil, service is our business. We understand your need for regular and reliable services, whether it is exchanging our Sanitary Bins, Nappy Disposal Bins or Medical Waste for freshly sanitised units, replacing the eco-mats, Air Freshener, Toilet Blue or Urinal Sanitisers in a timely manner that suit you, or making sure that your Soap Dispensers or Vending Machines are working and stocked properly. We pride ourselves on delivering the best washroom services in Australia, and tailoring those services to meet the precise needs of each of our clients. So from the first conversation with one of our customer service representatives to discuss your requirements, through to regular visits from our team of service professionals, we guarantee total commitment to hygiene service.

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Sanokil soap dispensers are expertly designed and styled to be hygienic, easy-to-use and are a critical component of any washroom.

Combining premium design with modern hygiene technology, Sanokil’s hand sanitisers will help to make a statement in your workplace.

At Sanokil, service is our business. Check out our full range of sanitary, first aid and washroom services here.

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