5 Reasons To Enact Proper Hygiene


People use the quality of your bathrooms cleanliness to make assumptions about you and your company as a whole – whether that be your services or products. Therefore, there is a financial incentive to hygienic management. Proper bathroom maintenance also has positive effects on the health and safety of the users. Continue on to read the top five benefits of hygienic clean bathrooms.

  1. Better Image

Dirty and un-maintained bathrooms are horrible. When we don’t look after the cleanliness of the toilets and maintain the facilities such as soap dispensers, paper

towels and bins, the user makes assumptions about the owners. Further, you may lose sales as customers wonder how you could look after their interest if you can’t do the same for your own facilities. You should always make sure that the bins are emptied, the soap and paper towel dispensers are full and the area is clear from messes such as spills. Insect control and air fresheners are also an invaluable tool in raising the image of your facilities.

  1. Happy staff

Don’t underestimate the ability of a clean working environment on an employee’s satisfaction. It is a known fact that the happier your staff the more productive they are and the lower your staff turnover rate. Show your staff that your care buy providing them with clean and high quality washroom facilities.

  1. Healthier employees

Unhygienic spaces result in an increase in staff sick days and leave. Not only is this an inconvenience, it is also a major cost incurred to the business. By making sure your bathrooms are always hygienic and well maintained you will reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses spreading around your building. A good way to start is by supplying you staff with a hand sanitiser unit and ensuring your bathroom is equipped with the expected washroom supplies. Investing in a hygienic workplace may have initial costs, but this will be made up for overtime as you experience increased productivity and lower absenteeism and turnover rates.

  1. Minimise bacteria, viruses spreading

Mentioned in the previous point, the prevention of bacteria and viruses seemed important enough to warrant its own point. It is the responsibility of every business and bathroom owner to play their part in reducing disease and illness in society. If we suddenly stopped proper hygiene maintenance diseases that have become rare and forgotten will become common place once again. It is therefore your responsibility to make sure that your bathroom has the tools necessary for the users to protect themselves and those they come into contact with from bacteria and viruses that they may come into contact when using a shared bathroom.

  1. Lower the risks of injuries

Unless your washrooms are being cleaned regularly, the bathroom is a hot spot for accidents such as trips and falls. The main reason for this spike in accidents in the bathroom is usually due to slippery and dirty floors. You can navigate this risk by maintaining your bathroom. Clean the floor regularly. Don’t run out of paper towel so that people don’t shake water onto the floor. Make sure you empty the trash so it also does not end up on the floor. You may even decide to supply you washrooms with wet area mats. Its your responsibility as a bathroom owner to lower the risk of to its users.

If your business does not have proper hygienic management, you are not putting your best foot forward and may potentially lose customers and image value. The easiest way you can safeguard your bathrooms cleanliness is through employing Sanokils services to take some of the hassle out of your hands. Whether servicing sanitary bins, soap dispensers or insect control devices, our trained staff will service your bathrooms making sure those key sources of bathroom cleanliness are always taken care of. Get a quote today.


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