Add Some Christmas Spirit to Your Washroom

Although Christmas will likely be different than the ones we have had, it is time to get into the Christmas spirit. Just because we may not be able to have large Christmas parties with lots of guests doesn’t mean we can’t bring a little Christmas spirit into our workplaces. Why not add some decorations to your washrooms? Below are some great ideas.

Why not hang a wreath. This simple addition will add some Christmas charm to an ordinary bathroom.


A small Christmas tree will take your bathrooms Christmas theme to the next level – if you have space. The market is flooded with a huge range of Christmas trees, many small enough to fit at the side of a washrooms sink.

Incorporate Christmas colours into the bathroom where you can. Red and green.

Hang garlands or tinsel around your mirror.

Deck out your washroom with other unique Christmas decorations, ornaments and baubles.

A note about hygiene. Make sure that the decorations you are adding to the washroom are easy to clean. It is important that whatever you put in your washroom can be wiped down or sanitised. For this reason, we recommend plastic Christmas trees over real plants – especially pine needles.