Are You WHS Compliant?

Every year, workplace incidents take lives in NSW. Make sure that you are compliant with current Work Health and Safety legislation by letting Sanokil take the hassle out of your hands.


To help you create a healthier, safer and more successful business we have sourced the seven most important components to Work Health and Safety:



Commitment means leading by example
with your actions and attitude, to develop a
successful safety culture in your business.


Consultation about work health and safety is an
important two-way conversation in your business.
It uses everyone’s knowledge and experience to
manage a safer and healthier workplace.

Managing Risks

Managing risks is an ongoing process of
recognising, prioritising and regulating anything
that can cause harm.


Reporting is a method that gives everyone the
opportunity to raise health and safety incidents
and concerns for you to action.

Worker Capability

Worker capability means a worker has the ability
to perform the tasks expected of them without
risk to health and safety.

Safe Working Environment

A safe working environment means designing
and managing your workplace to lessen
physical and mental health risks.

Workers Compensation and Recovery at Work

Understanding your workers compensation
obligations will assist you to help your
workers to recover at work following a
work-related injury or illness.


As a First Aid Servicing company, we restock your First Aid Kits and make sure that everything within the kit is compliant so there is one less thing you have to worry about.

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