Holiday Chaos Highlights the Importance of Washroom Waste Management

On Christmas day, while most people were enjoying quality leisure time – many people at the Eastern Beach in Geelong were subjected to an unfortunate sewage spill. The foul smelling incident happened as the Eastern Beach received larger than expected crowds – approximately 11,000 people.  The public washrooms had to be closed for over 90 minutes and The City of Greater Geelong even made the decision to close the children’s swimming pool as a precaution. This event has highlighted the importance of proper washroom facilities and management.

How did this happen?

The blockage and subsequent overflow was caused by people flushing unsuitable items down the toilet. These include wipes, nappies and sanitary napkins. Items that are not designed to be flushed – especially cotton based products – can cause havoc to plumbing. This is because, unlike toilet paper, they do not dissolve in the water. This leads to blockages.

This is a perfect example of why it is so important to have sanitary and nappy disposal bins in your washrooms. Without the option, most people will flush their unsuitable items down the toilet. If you find that people are still flushing foreign items down the toilet, Sanokil can provide a sign to put in your bathroom that states what items should not be flushed. Education is key.

Sanokil offers fully serviced products that will keep cotton products from being flushed in your toilets. Our sanitary and nappy bins are fully serviced, stylish and hygienic.

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