Did You Know Your Phone Is 10x Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat?

In our technology obsessed society, it’s not surprising that people are using their phones everywhere, even when going to the bathroom.

Recently a study was conducted by the phone re-seller Bank My Cell on 2,114 people in the UK. The study revealed that 90% of millennials will not go to the bathroom without their phones, and 96% of  Gen Z phone owners said the same.

While it might seem like clever multitasking, a GP says that you’re actually risking your health.

‘Even if you’re not using your phone on the toilet, you’re still holding it while you’re going in and out of the bathroom, and that’s enough to put bacteria on the phone when you haven’t yet washed your hands,’ – Dr Karmakas explained.

So, what can you do to try and mitigate this risk of spreading infections and getting sick?

Firstly, don’t take your phone into the bathroom at all, and try not to use it when eating.

Disinfecting your phone regularly is also a good idea, especially if you’ve been using it in the bathroom. Specific sprays can be bought to clean touchscreens, and a screen protector can help too.

And wash your hands regularly, especially when leaving the bathroom or touching anyone else’s smartphone.

When it comes to cleaning your phone, apparently, most people don’t give a crap.