First Aid Services

First aid kits are important considerations for every workplace. You need quality first aid kits and supplies to ensure the safety and well-being of your staff and customers and to meet your WHS obligations. Sanokil offers first aid services to customers throughout NSW and the ACT making it easier than ever to provide compliant, high-quality first aid kits to your premises.

The legal requirements for your workplace may change depending on the industry you work in and the specific dangers associated with it. You can find out more about the first aid requirements on the government website here.

Sanokil offers a range of first aid kits to meet your needs. After providing you with the kit of your choice we schedule visits to your site to make sure that the contents remain within their use-by date, replace used items at no extra cost and make sure the unit is up-kept and in good working order. If you need some first aid consumables replaced between visits we send them to you via post.

Our kits come in either a handy portable case or a metal wall mountable unit. Each of these also come with a deluxe or standard option allowing you to tailor the services to your needs. Sanokil also offers vehicle kits that can be purchased for your company fleet.

How do you choose what kit is right for you? That depends on your business and needs. We recommend deluxe kits where it will be catering to a larger amount of people. Where the kit must be able to be brought to the scene of an accident – the portable kits are for you. Others like the peace of mind knowing that the fixed kit will always be in the same place when it is needed. If you are unsure we are always happy to go through your requirements with you to find the perfect services for you.

Take the hassle out of your first aid kits and meeting your legal obligations by signing up for first aid services today. Call 1800 992 135 for a quote or get in touch via our contact page.