Get the Most From Your Services With Sanokil

When you have a service provider like Sanokil, it’s always beneficial to know how to get the most out of your relationship. Washrooms hygiene is an important element of every business in order to lower the risk of diseases transmission, meet peoples expectations and protect your image.

While all our customers are aware of our great sanitary hygiene bin services, many are unaware of just how many services we can provide their business. Receiving a wider range of services from Sanokil can give you more time to focus on what is important for the running of your business.

In the washrooms, why not consider getting your soap dispensers and hand sanitisers supplied by Sanokil. We can also provide air fresheners, toilet seat cleaners, nappy bins and more – all with full servicing. And the great thing is that with more services, we can be even more competitive with our prices – which are already pretty low! Take a look at the interactive picture below for some inspiration.


You can also have your paper products such as toilet rolls and hand towels delivered to your site from us. Because you already have an account opened with us if you receive our services, all you have to do is fill out a quick online form with what you would like delivered. Other purchase items include hand dryers and baby change tables.

Sanokil is also a provider of first aid services and products. We provide and service first aid kits to make sure they remain stocked and in compliance with WHS legislation. We have a variety of options so that they can be tailored to your requirements. Click here to look at the options. Other products in the first aid category that we can provide include defibrillators, burn kits, eyewash stations and vehicle first aid kits.

Get the most out of your services from Sanokil by letting us help with more than just one service. Call 1800 992 135 to talk to our sales team or get in touch online with any enquiries.