New Customer FAQ

Is a monthly service going to be enough?

We recommend starting your Sanitary Bin service on a monthly frequency. Our technicians will then assess if you require a more frequent exchange and provide this information to our head office. From here one of our friendly customer service representatives will contact you to discuss.

Does the service technician see anyone while they are on site?

Our service technicians are trained to be discreet while they are servicing your business. After the service has been completed, they will approach a staff member to sign a service docket. This is so that we can provide written confirmation of the service if you ever need it.

What happens to the waste?

We incinerate all of the waste collected, which eliminates toxic and hazardous waste while also reducing its volume.

Do you exchange the whole bin or just the liner?

We provide a full bin exchange on each service to ensure that a fully sanitised and cleaned unit is left in place. This reduces the risk of harmful germs and helps to avoid cross contamination.

How do I find out when my next service is?

Once your installation has been completed, Sanokil will assign you to a service run. This is to ensure that your service is completed at the required intervals. Our runs are structured to guarantee your services are completed at the correct frequency, not just scheduled for the same day each month.

If you call our head office on 1800 992 135, our customer service team will be able to let you know when your next service is.

What do I do if the bin is full before you are scheduled to arrive?

Let our customer service team know that your units are full and we will arrange for a service technician to perform an urgent service. If your business is often requiring urgent services, we will look at increasing your service frequency to suit your business.

Have more questions?

We are always happy to help. Give us a call on 1800 992 135 or fill in a enquiry form here.