Sani-Pods vs Sanokil Sanitary Bins

Sani-pods have burst onto the washroom scene in recent years with many businesses installing the new means of disposing fo sanitary waste on their premises. They are hailed as easy to maintain and claim to be more stylish than some counterparts.

However, although the sani-pods may provide some benefits in self-service, stemming from prebuilt cartridges for replacing the liner inside the unit, there are considerations to be made when choosing to go ahead with the unit.

Lack of size compared to most sanitary disposal units is one limitation. The units often come with capacities of 12 litres – sometimes even less. This means that the unit will need to be replaced more often than its counterparts.

Much of the supposed benefits of the device can only be experienced if the sanitary unit is self-serviced. If the units are being serviced by a company then the ease of use would only be experienced by your service providers technicians. And in our experience, most people prefer to service traditional units than the new sani-pods. The cartridge that is used in the unit also results in an increase in wastage. Other considerations include the possible lack of a modesty flap and other features that come standard with the bins provided by Sanokil.

Sanokil has put a lot of thought into our units in order to make them as stylish and functional as possible. They come in a modern charcoal grey and their slimline shape allows them to fit neatly beside toilets within cubicles. All this while providing 22L capacity for waste. The units feature modesty flaps in the lid and the serviced units contain sterilising granules that eliminate bacteria and odour.


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