Should there be baby change tables in male AND female bathrooms?

Men are constantly struggling to find appropriate places to change their baby’s diapers. In March of this year Jason Carange, the founder of Dads of Newport and Surrounds discussed with Daily Mail Australia that he doesn’t see any negatives to having baby change tables accessible in male bathrooms. Carange said ‘It’s just about creating an opportunity in an ever changing society.”
Mr Carange expressed his annoyance with less than ideal places being currently available for men to change their babies nappies. Carange revealed that he once took of his jumper to use it as a pillow.
Famous actor, Ashton Kutcher like Carange revealed is distress about the subject. Kutcher tweeted in March 2015, “There are NEVER diaper changing stations in men’s public restrooms. The first public men’s room that I go into that has one gets a free shout out on my FB page!”
Sanokil agree with these men that there needs to be a shift to keep up with changing roles of men and women in society.