Staff, Customers and Your Washrooms

The quality of your washrooms has a huge impact on the way your customers and staff see your business. If staff don’t feel like the washrooms provided meet their expectations they can feel like the organization they work for does not value them. And if a customer uses the facilities at your site and they feel underwhelmed, or that they are unhygienic, they can avoid or make assumptions about the business as a whole. Below we will explore the ways a poor washroom experience can affect staff and customers, what they expect and how you can exceed these expectations with help from Sanokil.

Staff usually use the bathroom multiple times a day, so its no surprise that the quality of your washrooms has an effect on them. A study by the Bradly Corporation uncovered that 83% of workers use washrooms as an indicator of their value. Poor washrooms lower staff morale. Improving washrooms can increase productivity, workplace happiness and improve retention rates.

Branding is one of the most important aspects of a business, big or small. As mentioned above, customers use the quality of your washrooms to make assumptions about the rest of your business. Whether that’s products, services or the general management of the company. One study by the Medical Construction and Design showed that 73% believed that a poor quality washroom is a reflection of poor management. Customers may avoid your site if they have a bad experience in your washrooms.

So what can you do? Besides making sure you have the necessities we will outline below, you can also consider gathering feedback from staff and customers. They are a great source of improvements that can be made. Most importantly, get the basics right. Have functional facilities that are maintained. Clean the bathroom regularly so that it remains hygienic. Train staff to check the washrooms regularly. You should aim to exceed expectations.

Your bathroom should, at a minimum, have sanitary bins, soap dispensers and a means to dry hands. To provide a good experience you should include facilities such as hand sanitisers, air fresheners and toilet seat cleaners. Urinals should be fitted with urinal mats so that they remain fresh and you should invest in a pest control system to keep critters away from your washroom – a place many pests are drawn to.

Sanokil can help with all of the above and make it much easier to provide a great washroom experience! We maintain the products that we provide on scheduled services and our visits help make sure that you always put your best foot forward. Click here to take a look at our whole range of hygiene services and get in touch for a quote today.