Stop Grime and Build Up in Your Washrooms

Grime and build up in bathrooms are unsightly and hint to poor management of your washrooms. Grim and build-up can form in many places in the washroom. Leaky taps, sinks, urinals and in toilets. They are caused by the build-up of minerals, such as limescale, and bacteria. The build-up can cause bad odours – especially in urinals and toilets.

When someone uses your urinals or toilets and find them to have gross build-ups of grime, they make assumptions about the maintenance and cleanliness of your business.

So what can you do? As well as frequent cleaning, Sanokil offers internal cistern sanitisers for toilets and urinal mats that work in both waterless and flushing urinals. The WC sanitiser releases a small amount of a sanitising solution into the water each time the toilet is flushed. It works against the materials that cause build-up in toilets while being environmentally friendly. Our urinal mats also release an eco-friendly solution each time they have used that work against organic material that can cause bad odours and build up around the drain. Both result in lower risks of blockages and are safe and effective.

The WC sanitisers and urinal mats from Sanokil mean less maintenance for you and a greater washroom experience for those at your site. Call us today on 1800 992 135 for a quotation or get in touch via our contact page. Our customer service team are ready to answer any questions you may have.