The Importance of a Pleasant Smelling Workplace

What Power Does Scent have in the Workplace?

A nice smelling workplace has the power to improve mood up to 40%. It also encourages people to stay longer in the room, with people staying an average of 18% longer.


Who Actually Notices Scents in the Workplace?

More than 77% of Australian Workers say that the first thing they notice when they walk into a bathroom is the smell.


What Happens When a Workplace has a Malodour?

3 in 4 office workers say that poor hygiene and odours indicates to them that their employer doesn’t care about them.


What Impact Does a Bad Scent Have on a Workers Day?

According to Rachel S. Herz, assistant professor of psychology at Brown University, people are more creative in problem solving when exposed to a pleasant scent compared to an unpleasant one.


What can you do about the Scent in your Workplace?

Sanokil provides servicing on Air Freshener Units to take the hassle out of maintaining a good smelling workplace.
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