Tips for Maintaining Good Hygiene in Your Workplace

Its now more important than ever to maintain good hygiene practices in your workplaces. It is up to each business to help ensure the safety of their staff and customers by enacting a cultural shift around hygiene. Particularly when it comes to hand washing and sanitisation.

The  Issues

Studies in the past have highlighted how bad many people are at washing their hands after using the bathroom. That’s why it is so important for organisations to make changes to remedy the situation and make sure that their workplace is protected from infectious diseases.

Helpful Reminders

One way that an organisation could do this is by installing helpful reminders around the work site to remind everyone the role that they have to play. An example could be a sign in the bathroom to wash hands before leaving. Or a sign on entry of a building to prompt customers and staff to sanitise their hands.

Provide The Facilities

You should also provide hand sanitisers throughout the business. Not only at the entry point of your business, but to each staff member at their desks, in the break room, communal areas and the washrooms.

Clean Surfaces

Clean surfaces regularly at your workplace will stop any germs, bacteria or viruses that may linger on them.

Invest in Quality Services

Investing in quality washroom services from Sanokil can go a long way in helping you create this culture around hygiene. We can supply you with hand sanitiser, soap dispensers, paper products and more. Our services take the hassle out of the ongoing maintenance of the units so that you can focus on what is important to your operations.