Are You Ready For Freedom Day?

Are you ready for Freedom Day on the 11th of October? With thousands of businesses across New South Wales preparing to open their doors to the public or invite staff back to the office in the coming weeks, many are scrambling to get their COVID-19 Safety Plans in order. Covid safety plans are a requirement for most businesses as we come out of lockdown.

You can find more information about what is required in your plan here. 

One element that is needed in your safety plan is the presence of a hand sanitiser at key areas of your site. Sanokil is able to take some of the hassles out of this requirement with our serviced hand sanitiser units. We come to your site at an agreed interval to refill all the hand sanitiser units and make sure that they are still in working order.

Our hand sanitisers come in three options. Manual units, touch-free units and stand-mounted touch-free units. They are perfect for use in high traffic areas such as entries to your site, hallways, staff break rooms and bathrooms. The alcohol-based solution is easy on the skin while containing at least 70% alcohol in order to kill germs and bacteria effectively.

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