Restart a Heart Day 2020

This Friday the 16th of October is Restart a Heart Day. It is a time for Australians to join together and raise awareness about cardiac arrest, learn about providing first aid to victims and motivate everyone to reduce the number of deaths each year. Every year 34,000 people in Australia and New Zealand experience cardiac […]

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Creating Family Friendly Washrooms

Its is important that public bathrooms that will be used by families provide the amenities needed for them. Unfortunately, this is not the case. We all hear stories about people changing diapers on floors and breastfeeding in normal washrooms. People with families expect that washrooms have space, hygiene facilities and privacy that they need – […]

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Pests in the Washroom

Making sure that your washrooms are free from pests is an important part of washroom maintenance. Your customers and staff expect a hygienic washroom when they use your facilities and anything less can result in a lowered perception of your business as a whole. Seeing pests around is one way that people jump to conclusions […]

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Why You Should Never Flush Sanitary Hygiene Products

When you walk in to most bathrooms in Australia, most provide sanitary disposal units for female users. This is great as it ensures that these items do not end up being flushed down the toilet where they can cause havoc to the plumbing system. The blockages caused are not only an inconvenience, they are often […]

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Bathroom - Washroom

What You Need in a Washroom

Washrooms are an important part of any business. Your staff and customers expect high quality, safe and hygienic washrooms. So what are the items you need in a washroom and how are they maintained? Below we will explore the must-haves of any washroom. We will then look at the maintenance of each and how Sanokil […]

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Women’s Health Week

Women’s health week is a nationwide campaign run by Jean Hailes. It is a week dedicated to all women across the county that aims at inspiring good health choices. During the week women, communities and organisations are encouraged to get involved by hosting events that motivate women to put their health first. Each day of […]

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Urinal Mat

Waterless Urinal Maintenance

There has been a big switch to waterless urinals in recent years and its easy to see why. Not only does it save costs, they are also better for the environment because they don’t waste water. New technologies mean that they can be just as hygienic and clean as their flushing counterparts. But how do […]

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Choosing the Right Service Provider

Are you on the lookout for a washroom or first aid servicing company for your business? These services can take the hassle out of staying compliant with regulations and let you focus on what important to your operations. But how do you choose which service provider to go with? Take a look below; Costs Naturally, […]

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Our Customer Service

At Sanokil we take customer service seriously. Providing a good service experience allows us to engaged in our work and advocate for the organisation we work for. We have an emphasis on staff training that allows us to provide customer service that goes above and beyond that of our competitors. What makes else makes our […]

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How Clean Are Your Toilet Seats?

Do you know how much germs are on the average toilet seat? Ever wondered how clean your toilet seats are? On average, a toilet seat has 1,201 germs per square inch but is often more than this. The main culprit is the spray effect when flushing the toilet. When flushed without closing the lid an […]

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