Tips for Maintaining Good Hygiene in Your Workplace

Its now more important than ever to maintain good hygiene practices in your workplaces. It is up to each business to help ensure the safety of their staff and customers by enacting a cultural shift around hygiene. Particularly when it comes to hand washing and sanitisation. The  Issues Studies in the past have highlighted how […]

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School Washroom

Public Bathrooms During The Coronavirus Pandemic

As life begins to return to something more normal, we are all looking at what may need to change in our day to day lives to keep the virus under control. There are a number of health academics warning that communal and public bathrooms may pose a risk of becoming a hot spots for Covid-19 […]

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We’re Still Servicing Your Business

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we know that it has been difficult times for many businesses in Australia and around the world. Although Australia is in an enviable position, having flattened the curve, it is important that we don’t become complacent and keep practising good hygiene in the workplace. Sanokil’s doors have remained open throughout […]

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How to Protect Yourself Against Coronavirus

Coronavirus (offically named Covid-19) is an infectious disease that originated in China in late 2019 and has now spread to countries all over the world. Although governments are trying their best to contain the outbreak the cases continue to rise dramatically. The virus causes respiratory illness and can be fatal to people who are at […]

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International Women’s Day

What is International Women’s Day? International women’s day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year. It has been held annually since 1910. It is a day to remember the strives forward in women’s rights and to create focus on inequalities that still remain in society today. It aims to celebrate women’s achievements, raise […]

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What to Look For in Paper Products

The paper products you supply your washroom with can go a long way in improving or lowering your washrooms user experience. Not only can low quality toilet paper and paper towels lower user experience, it can also lead to lower hygiene.  Below we will explore what you need to look for in your paper products […]

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Hand Sinitser

Alcohol Based vs Non-Alcohol Based Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitisers are a vital tool in the prevention of spreading germs and illnesses. While washing your hands with soap and warm water is the most effective way of cleaning your hands, hand sanitiser is one of the best practices for quickly killing the germs on your hands when there is no soap and water. […]

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Toilet Sign

Why Public Washrooms Are Important

We have all experienced it. You are running an errand and you suddenly feel the need to go to the toilet. You then realise that there are no public toilets anywhere around you. Unfortunately, it is becoming more common in Australia to find yourself in a location where you do not have access to a […]

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Baby Change Table In Use

Importance of Quality Nappy Change Facilities

Why Provide Nappy Change Facilities? Each year over 300,000 babies are born in Australia and many businesses are deciding to provide their customers with baby change facilities. If you have the ability and there is a chance that people will attend your site with infants, it is good practice to invest in a baby change […]

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How You Can Help Prevent the Spread of Disease and Viruses

There have been a lot of headlines in the news lately about the Caronavirus outbreak in China and the rapid increase of cases in cities around the world – including Australia. With this, there has been an increased emphasis on the importance of good hygiene in preventing the spread of viruses and diseases. Although it […]

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