Toilet Sign

Why Public Washrooms Are Important

We have all experienced it. You are running an errand and you suddenly feel the need to go to the toilet. You then realise that there are no public toilets anywhere around you. Unfortunately, it is becoming more common in Australia to find yourself in a location where you do not have access to a […]

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Baby Change Table In Use

Importance of Quality Nappy Change Facilities

Why Provide Nappy Change Facilities? Each year over 300,000 babies are born in Australia and many businesses are deciding to provide their customers with baby change facilities. If you have the ability and there is a chance that people will attend your site with infants, it is good practice to invest in a baby change […]

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How You Can Help Prevent the Spread of Disease and Viruses

There have been a lot of headlines in the news lately about the Caronavirus outbreak in China and the rapid increase of cases in cities around the world – including Australia. With this, there has been an increased emphasis on the importance of good hygiene in preventing the spread of viruses and diseases. Although it […]

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Are Your School’s Washrooms up to Standard?

As nearly 4 million of Australia’s students head back to their studies it is an important time for principles and bathroom managers to assess the quality of the facilities they are providing. Why is it so important to review your facilities? Nearly half of students describe their schools washrooms as poor to fair. These negative […]

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Bites and Stings in the Workplace

Australia is home to to over 140 species of snakes and over 2000 species of spiders. Of these, many are venomous. Our country is home to the largest number of venomous snakes and spiders in the world. The most venomous is the Inland Taipan and a single bite can give enough venom to kill 100 […]

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New Customer FAQ

Is a monthly service going to be enough? We recommend starting your Sanitary Bin service on a monthly frequency. Our technicians will then assess if you require a more frequent exchange and provide this information to our head office. From here one of our friendly customer service representatives will contact you to discuss. Does the […]

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Holiday Chaos Highlights the Importance of Washroom Waste Management

On Christmas day, while most people were enjoying quality leisure time – many people at the Eastern Beach in Geelong were subjected to an unfortunate sewage spill. The foul smelling incident happened as the Eastern Beach received larger than expected crowds – approximately 11,000 people.  The public washrooms had to be closed for over 90 […]

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New Years

Make Hygiene Your New Years Resolution

As the new year brings in the new decade many people and organisations are reflecting on the things they can do to improve next year. Let 2020 be the year that you make your workplace more hygienic. Stopping the spread of germs and the resulting illnesses is a great goal that will have many benefits […]

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Christmas Banner

Christmas Proof Your Washrooms

There is nothing worse than exposing your washroom guests to unsightly smells, sights and experiences – especially over the Christmas season. Whether its preparing your bathroom for high use before a an event or just preparing for your busy season – there are a number of things you can do to prepare your washrooms for […]

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Australia’s Weather VS Competitor Washroom Services

The weather in Australia is the envy of much of the world. But living here, you learn that it is a country of extremes. Throughout the year it changes from torrential rains and floods, to long summer droughts and bush fires. How is Australia’s weather like other washroom service providers? Unpredictable Australia’s weather is unpredictable. […]

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