Creating Family Friendly Washrooms

Its is important that public bathrooms that will be used by families provide the amenities needed for them. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. We all hear stories about people changing diapers on floors and breastfeeding in normal washrooms. People with families expect that washrooms have space, hygiene facilities and privacy that they need […]

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8 Benefits of Sanokils Hand Sanitiser Stands

As Australia struggles to contain its latest outbreaks across the nation it is important we all remember to stay COVID safe. Hand sanitiser stands in the workplace and public venues are a vital tool that allows the community to stay safe and prevent outbreaks from occurring in the community. Not only do they prevent the […]

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How to Pitch to Your Workplace That Female Bathroom Need’s A Sanitary Bin with Regular Servicing

How to Pitch to Your Workplace That Female Bathroom Need’s A Sanitary Bin with Regular Servicing For many women, the stress of not knowing where to dispose of your female hygiene products is a sad and unfair reality. The taxing decision whether to wrap it up and flush it down the toilet with the possibility […]

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Jeans for Genes Day 2021

Playing Our Part Sanokil will be taking part in Jeans for Genes day again this year to raise money and help find cures for children’s genetic diseases. On the 6th of august, volunteers across Australia will be working together to collect donations, sell merchandise and raise awareness about Jeanes for genes day. Our staff will […]

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Benefits of Touch Free Facilities

With the Covid-19 pandemic again causing lockdowns and restrictions in NSW and across other states, now is a great time to consider the switch to touch-free bathroom facilities. There is an increased expectation to reduce touch points in today’s situation and stop the spread of germs and viruses in your workplace. Sanokil offers a range […]

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Automatic Sanitary Bin

Pros and Cons of Auto-Lid Sanitary Units

Our customers often struggle when deciding whether to get an automatic or a manual operation sanitary unit. The automatic unit opens with the wave of a hand allowing the user to dispose of their waste without having to touch the unit. The manual unit is opened easily using a handle. Both units look and function […]

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Staying COVID-19 Safe in Your Workplace

Although Australia has had great success flattening the curve, the recent resurgence in cases across Australia shows that we must remain vigilant in our effort to stay COVID-19 safe. Until the majority of the population has been vaccinated we must continue to apply COVID-safe practices. The Australian government and many international bodies have released guidelines […]

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Manual Sanitary Bin

About Sanitary Disposal

What is Sanitary Disposal Sanitary bins come in a variety of ways. For instance, some come with foot pedals to open them. Others, like ours, are operated via a handle at the top or touch-free with the wave of a hand. We believe this format is most convenient as the user does not have to […]

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Toilet Sign

Why You Need Washroom Services

Maintaining washrooms is a vital aspect of any business. Functioning and hygienic washrooms have benefits for both staff and customers – from your business image to the health and safety of the bathroom user. We have all had the experience of having to use facilities that are poorly maintained. Sometimes it is just a poor […]

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Why You Need Sanitary Bin Services

Sanitary disposal services are provided to businesses across Australia to discard sanitary waste in their washrooms. These services allow businesses to dispose of the waste in a responsible matter that is compliant with regulation and takes the hassle out of the maintenance of the bins. Why do you need sanitary bins? Businesses need to have […]

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