Australian Paramedics Association backs calls for mandatory first aid kits

From South Coast Registry, 16th January 2017. Jessica McInerney   The Australian Paramedics Association (APA) has backed calls for first aid kits to be compulsory in cars.    Lisa Elmas, the South Coast woman who was first on scene at the tragic Boxing Day crash, is petitioning NSW Roads Minister Melinda Pavey to make fire extinguishers and first […]

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CAN’T FLUSH THIS: 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO STOP FLUSHING DOWN YOUR TOILET RIGHT NOW When you flush things down the toilet – they don’t just disappear. Here are 5 things we need to stop flushing down the toilet right now for our oceans. In Australia, what we send down our kitchen, laundry, and bathroom […]

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How to remove a splinter

Splints are common injuries, especially in those undertaking outdoor activities or DIY. If a splinter is embedded deeply, difficult to remove or on a joint then leave it in place and seek medical attention. Removing simple splinters Otherwise, simple splinters can be removed as follows: Carefully clean the area with warm soapy water to minimise […]

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10 Cleaning Myths You Need to Stop Believing—and What to Do Instead

Grandma might have been on the right track with her meatball recipe and love advice, but, boy, was she off base with these cleaning tips. Here’s what you need to stop doing ASAP if you want your home to get really clean. Bleach is best Sorry to burst your cleaning bubble: Though most people associate […]

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Women’s handbags contaminated with more bacteria than average toilet, test finds.

Women carry their bags just about everywhere they go, but it turns out that they could be toting more than just their everyday essentials. Instead, handbags have been listed as one of the worst places for germs by household experts and could be making you sick. According to a new guide by the domestic gurus […]

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It’s all about the toilet paper

Most of us can’t imagine living without toilet paper. It’s used not only for bathroom hygiene, but for nose care, wiping up spills, removing makeup and small bathroom cleaning chores.

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10 Fun Toilet Facts!

To some a toilet is just a toilet, but we bet we have some fascinating facts about the toilet you didn’t know! The first flushing toilet was created by Queen Elizabeth’s godson, Sir John Harrington, in 1596 More people across the world own a mobile phone than a toilet The average toilet uses up to […]

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Employee Bathroom Etiquette

Using the office bathroom can be quite daunting based on how other employees treat the facilities. Unhygienic individuals may mistreat the area, causing a chain reaction for other employees to follow. By following these tips, you can ensure the office bathroom stays clean and sanitised! Don’t forget to flush the toilet once you are done […]

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Health Centre in Montreal

A health centre in Montreal, Québec has a large sewage problem. The cause of this problem was too many feminine hygiene products flushed down toilets in one concentrated area of the hospital. At the centre, low-flow toilets were installed to reduce water usage but unfortunately the pipes were not installed at the proper angle to prevent potential blockages on the floor.

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Trachoma in Australia

Trachoma is the leading infectious cause of blindness in the world. Trachoma is most prevalent in developing nations, Australia is the only Western high income country with trachoma.

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