8 Benefits of Sanokils Hand Sanitiser Stands

As Australia struggles to contain its latest outbreaks across the nation it is important we all remember to stay COVID safe. Hand sanitiser stands in the workplace and public venues are a vital tool that allows the community to stay safe and prevent outbreaks from occurring in the community. Not only do they prevent the spread of COVID19, they also minimize other illness-causing germs and bacteria from spreading from person to person.

Why use Sanokil hand sanitiser stands?

Protect Staff and Customers

As stated above, hand sanitisers help stop the spread of illness caused by germs and bacteria. Our hand sanitiser kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria and meets the requirements set by the WHO for alcohol hand sanitisers to protect against COVID19.

Maintained and Serviced

Our hand sanitiser stands come with full servicing – we take care of it. We make sure the unit is topped up and functional each time we visit leaving you to focus on other things.

Measured Dose

The unit dispenses an ideal amount of liquid for the sanitisation of hands. This minimizes wastage and makes sure that the users hands are sanitised efficiently.

Enhances Your Brand Image

Providing your staff and customers with hand sanitiser is expected in today’s world. High quality, stylish hand sanitiser stands show them that you care about their well being.

Crafted to Fit Most Areas/Interiors

Our white powder-coated metal stand looks modern and stylish. The hand sanitiser unit sits seamlessly onto the frame with a grey teardrop panel on the front. The simplistic yet stylish design allows the unit to fit in with any interior or exterior design as though it was made to be there.

Sturdy and Made to Last

Both our hand sanitiser stands and dispenser units are made to withstand daily use. That’s why we went with metal stands instead of plastic. We believe that the products we supply should remain looking great and functioning perfectly for as long as you need them.

No Touch

The no-touch sensor on the hand sanitiser units means that there are no touchpoints when using the system. This eliminates the risk of cross-contamination that may be caused by units that require the user to pump the liquid out with their hands.

Easy Accessibility

One of the main benefits of the hand sanitiser stands is their accessibility. Move it around to where it is most convenient for your current operations. Whether that be the entrance of your site, next to counters, outside washrooms or in hallways.

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