Christmas Proof Your Washrooms

It is that time of year again! Christmas, New Years, summer, quality time with your family and vacations are all great. But it is also a busy and chaotic period. This summer is a great time to improve your washrooms and increase hygiene facilities at your site in preparation for the busy season. With the rise in covid cases across Australia hygiene has never been more important.

With the exception of the public holidays, Sanokil will remain open throughout the holiday period to answer any enquiries and provide quotes on additional services. 

There is nothing worse than exposing your washroom guests to unsightly smells, sights and experiences – especially over the Christmas season. Whether its preparing your bathroom for high use before an event or just preparing for your busy season – there are a number of things you can do to prepare your washrooms for the season and make your bathroom more festive.

Make Sure Your Site is COVID-19 Safe

Covid-19 cases are on the rise across Australia as different states and territories ease restrictions. With the arrival of the new Omicron Variant it is more important than ever to make sure you have functional and high-quality hygiene facilities on site. Sanokil offers a range of serviced hand sanitser units that allow customers and staff to quickly and effectively sanitise their hands. We also provide soap dispensers and other hygiene-related products that can take the hassle out of maintaining COVID-19 safe premises.

Stock Up On Consumables

You should make sure that you are stocked up on everything you need for your washrooms. This includes toilet paper, paper towels and soap. If your bathrooms are going to experience a high level of use it may be warranted to leave problem-solvers insight such as extra toilet paper. If you have your soap dispensers and other products serviced by us then there is one less thing to worry about! We can even supply you with paper products that are easy to re-order when needed – delivered right to your door.

Increase Service and Maintenance Frequency

A lot of our customers see a huge spike in their customers over the summer. From caravan parks to restaurants –  this number of bathroom users may mean that the normal level of maintenance needed throughout the rest of the year is not enough. Sanokil can help with this. You can get in touch with us and talk about the solutions such as temporary increased service frequencies over this time or additional units. There is nothing worse than overflowing sanitary bins when you have people using your washrooms.

Take Care of Bad Smells

The smell is another important element in creating a festive bathroom. Our air fresheners are able to give your bathrooms great scents all year round – fully maintained each time we visit. Our internal sanitisers keep your toilets and urinals smelling clean and fresh. For an extra Christmas feel – you can also use candles and scent diffuses to create a cosy and festive environment.

Add Some Decorations

Make your bathroom festive with decorations. Who says Christmas wreaths have to be outside? Why not place a wreath inside your bathroom?


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