Get Your Paper Products From Sanokil

Did you know Sanokil offers an easy way for you to get the paper products you need for your site? Getting your paper towel and toilet paper from the same company that services your washrooms has the added benefit that the costs can be added to your account and do not require an upfront payment. The products are then delivered right to your door.

Its easy! Just head to our paper products order form and fill out your details and what you would like delivered. Simple.

If you agree to get your paper products from us you are also eligible for free on loan dispensers! The hand towel and toilet roll dispensers are high quality, stylish and designed to fit perfectly with the paper products that we offer. Take a look at our paper products and dispensers here.

Sanokil is always striving to be as environmentally friendly which means by using us as your supplier you will be as well! All our paper products are also PEFC certified meaning that they don’t contribute to unsustainable deforestation. Take a look at what this certification means here.

If you have any questions about our paper products, your specific pricing or anything else, get in touch!

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