Hand Dryers Vs Paper Towel

Washrooms are exposed to many people, germs and bacteria. With the global COVID19 pandemic forcing many companies to increase hygiene practices, washrooms have seen a large uptake in touch-free facilities. One of these touch-free solutions is the hand dryer. But are they more hygienic?

Recent studies have found that jet hand dryers can actually spread harmful particles around the room, leaving hands and surfaces contaminated. Users of hand dryers also have a habit of leaving the washroom before the hand dryer has completely dried their hands. This is a problem because wet or damp hands pick up more bacteria than dry hands.

As more and more studies find the potential health consequences of using hand dryers, many are coming to accept that paper hand towels are safer, more hygienic and more efficient than their electric counterparts.

So what should you do? If you already have hand dryers in your washrooms you should consider placing hand towel dispensers in conjunction with the dryer in order to provide a safer alternative. If you were planning to make the switch, reconsider the reasons why. If it was purely for hygienic reasons then your best bet would be to stick with paper towels.

Sanokil offers a range of paper products and dispensers including paper towels. We can even provide the paper with a complimentary dispenser if you agree to receive your paper products from us.

Many people make the switch to dryers because they believe they are more sustainable or environmentally friendly than paper towels. Our paper products are PEFC certified meaning they don’t contribute to unsustainable deforestation.

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