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At Sanokil we understand that there can be a lot of questions around the requirements and procedures for disposing of Sanitary waste. We hope that these help ease any confusion or concern regarding obtaining or continuing your services.  

Do you charge any additional fees?

The pricing includes the annual rental and this is inclusive of the servicing, rental & maintenance. There are no hidden environmental, installation or administration fees while you continue your services with Sanokil.

Is a monthly service going to be enough?

We recommend starting your Sanitary Bin service on a monthly frequency. 

Our technicians will then assess over time if you require a more frequent exchange and provide this information to our head office. From here one of our friendly customer service representatives will contact you to discuss.

Do you offer different service frequencies?

Sanokil does have a minimum service frequency which is based on minimum hygiene requirements. Providing we are still able to meet these minimum requirements we can offer differing service frequencies based on your company’s individual needs and requirements.

How many litres are your sanitary units and what sizes do you have available?

Our sanitary units are all one size and they are 26L and our Nappy units are 42L. 

The Sanitary units are custom designed to fit neatly besides the toilet in bathrooms of all sizes.

To view the dimensions, please download the product brochures from our website.

How quickly can we have your services?

Once you fill out the acceptance form via the quote or give our office a call, we send you the pro-forma invoice and our agreement. Once payment is received we can generally arrange installation between 3 – 5 business days. 

Do you take on small businesses (only 1 bin needed)?

Yes we do, we provide services to businesses of all sizes. If you need 1 Sanitary unit or you are a large business that requires 20+ units we can accommodate your needs.

Do you supply Paper Products and Dispensers?

Yes we do, please view our new online store via this link:

How do you dispose of the waste, is it environmentally friendly?

We have taken a more environmentally conscious approach over the years and use a fully accredited waste disposal system to dispose of our sanitary waste in accordance with legislation. We incinerate all of the waste collected, which eliminates toxic and hazardous waste while also reducing its volume.

Do you exchange the whole bin or just the liner?

We provide a full unit exchange on each service to ensure that a fully sanitised and cleaned unit is left in place. This reduces the risk of harmful germs and helps to avoid cross contamination.

Are you an Australia owned business?

Not only are we an Australian owned business, we are also a family owned business with 25 years of experience in the industry. We also have services available nationwide.

If you have multiple sites in different locations, talk to our sales team about consolidating your services today.

Can you provide a service to a residential property?

We provide services exclusively to commercial businesses and their registered premises. 

If you would like clarification in regards to this please contact our office on 1800 992 135.

Can I put Nappies in a Sanitary Bin?

No. It must be placed into a Nappy Disposal unit which we can also provide in conjunction with a sanitary service. This is because the nappy waste and sanitary waste are disposed of differently, so cross contamination makes this very difficult.

Am I legally required to have a Sanitary Unit?

SafeWork guidelines state that female workers should have available an appropriate system for the safe disposal of sanitary waste. Having a qualified and specialist company to do this for you creates a more hygienic workplace environment, and removes the hassle of having to handle and dispose of the waste yourself as it has the potential to create health hazards if mishandled. 

Please find a link to our blog post that outlines these requirements state by state – 

Do I need a Sanitary Unit in each cubicle?

It is advisable to have one in each female cubical, unisex or disabled bathroom if women will be using the facilities. This mitigates the risk of having sanitary products flushed down the toilet creating blockages. However each business is different and has individual requirements. Please feel free to discuss this with our friendly sales team if you would like more information.

How do I find out when my next service is?

Once your installation has been completed, Sanokil will assign you to a service run. This is to ensure that your service is completed at the required intervals. Our runs are structured to guarantee your services are completed at the correct frequency, not just scheduled for the same day each month.

If you call our head office on 1800 992 135, our customer service team will be able to let you know when your next service is.

What do I do if the bin is full before you are scheduled to arrive?

Let our customer service team know that your units are full and we will arrange for a service technician to perform an urgent service. If your business is often requiring urgent services, we will look at increasing your service frequency to suit your business.

Will I be charged a call out fee if I require a service urgently?

Your first call out will be done free of charge, however any additional callouts will be reviewed. If the Sanitary Unit is being used incorrectly there may be a service charge.

How to deal with the bad smell in my bathroom?

Bad odours can be caused by a number of factors, not just the presence of a Sanitary Unit.

Ensuring that all drains are sufficiently cleaned and disinfected regularly will go a long way to a fresh smelling washroom. Sufficient ventilation from either open windows or exhaust fans will help.

Sanokil’s Air Freshener services are designed to add a pleasant scent to your desired area, they are not designed to mask bad odours. 

Have more questions?

We are always happy to help. Give us a call on 1800 992 135 or send an email to [email protected]

Have more questions?

We are always happy to help. Give us a call on 1800 992 135 or fill in a enquiry form here.

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