First Aid Rooms From Sanokil

Sanokil has helped many businesses meet their first aid needs by providing the contents for their first aid rooms. These rooms are designated spaces where employees can be taken to have first aid administered or to wait for further medical attention. Whether you need a first aid room depends on the size of your business and the risks to those that work there.

Safe Works code of practice recommends that you have a first aid room for low risk workplaces with more than 200 workers – and in high risk workplaces where there are more than 100 workers. First aid rooms are ideal if there is risk of serious injury that will not require immediate first aid but will still need treatment by emergency services.

The contents of the first aid room are specific to the type of work that is being undertaken on site and the risks associated with that. However, there are basic recommendations that all first aid rooms should have.

Firstly, and most importantly, a first aid kit should be available in your first aid room. The kit should be appropriate for the workplace in which it is installed. Eye wash stations and defibrillators should also be considered. Other items that should be in the room include paper towel and towel dispensers, an examination couch, privacy screens, storage space, appropriate lighting, and medical and sharps disposal facilities. There should also be a telephone with a list of emergency numbers.

On top of this, first aid rooms should have easy access to both hot and cold water and washroom facilities. The room should be an appropriate size with clear signage and be well ventilated. You will need to ensure emergency services can access the room easily and that the door is at least a meter wide to allow stretchers to pass through.

Sanokil has years of experience sourcing and supplying the contents for first aid rooms for our customers across Australia. We will work with you to put together a list of what you need and provide you with a quote. Our sales team are always happy to help you via 1800 992 135 or through our website contact forms or chat.

If you want to read more about the guidelines set out by safe work visit this link.