Products such as Sanokil’s auto-lid sanitary unit and jet hand dryer are perfect for any employee aware of germs!
In 2013 the Australian economy lost $11.4 billion in GDP due to poor office hygiene. A further alarming finding is that 50 per cent of office workers say concerns with hygiene in their washroom affects productivity.
Angela Fedele in an article titled ‘Bathroom Design for Germaphobes’ outlines four ways design and technology could be implemented in public bathrooms to combat germs.

Choose copper based surfaces over a plastic, chrome-plated, or aluminium surface because copper has antimicrobial properties.
Hand Washing:
It has been found that many staff members whilst they do wash their hands do not do so properly.
To combat this, one company has devised a smart tracking system to monitor whether employees are really washing their hands.
Toilet Seats:
These necesseary bathroom items are a breeding ground for germs.
Beyond the regular cleanning and disenfecting, there are polypropylene toilet seats that help reduce the accumulaiton of germs and bacteria on the seat.
Self Cleanning Bathrooms:
In the US there are toliets that are completey hands free, from obtaining toilet paper to automated hand washing dispensers.
Sanokil have a range of services that can help you improve the hyigene level of your bathroom.
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