Importance of Quality Nappy Change Facilities

Why Provide Nappy Change Facilities?

Each year over 300,000 babies are born in Australia and many businesses are deciding to provide their customers with baby change facilities. If you have the ability and there is a chance that people will attend your site with infants, it is good practice to invest in a baby change table. Not only does it show your customers that you care, it is also socially responsible as it lowers the discomfort and distress of both parents and child when the facilities are not available when needed.

Unfortunately, while more and more businesses are providing a baby change table, the provided facilities are often un-hygienic, cramped and lacking the range of products that complement the change table. Some parents avoid certain venues because of negative experiences with a nappy change room. What is needed if you want to provide great baby change facilities and the proper management of these facilities will be explored below.

The Nappy Change Table

When choosing a nappy change table there are three things that you must take into consideration. Firstly, ease of use. Will it be easy for someone to operate with one hand? Is it at an optimum height? The safety of the change table must be of greatest importance. Does it have any certifications or liability insurance? What about features like a safety strap? You should also consider the strength that the change table is able to hold – this should be available in the units specifications. The higher the weight,the more sturdy the unit is and the older the child can be when it is used.

Sanokil offers a number of baby change tables that meet or exceed all of the above points. They meet Australian regulations, have features that improve safety and hygiene and can also come with liability insurance. Take a look here.

Complimentary Facilities

Next, it is important to provide the room with a bin to dispose of nappies and wipes. The bin should be specialised and not just a normal bin due to the type of waste that is being disposed. There should be methods in place to control the odour from within the bin. Sanokil offers high quality, stylish nappy bins that are fully serviced. This means you do not need to worry about removing the waste yourself. Each bin also contains special granules that release sterilising vapour that removes odour.

Somewhere for the users to wash their hands is also vital. You should provide the facilities to wash hands with soap and water with paper towels to dry their hands. For further hand hygiene, sanitiser is a much appreciated addition. All of these can be supplied by Sanokil with the soap dispenser and hand sanitisers being topped up each visit so that they remain functional.

Air fresheners are also greatly received in rooms that provide nappy change facilities. Bad odours is one of the main complaints in change rooms. Our air fresheners are fan operated which removes any potential health worries that arise from aerosols. Other things that can be included in change rooms to improve the experience include bag hooks, seats and nappy change supplies such as baby wipes. The more space you are able to give the user to perform the activities the better.


Providing nappy change tables in your business may go a long way to improving the perception of your business from families with young children. Quality facilities make the whole process a lot less stressful and more hygienic for your customers. Sanokil can help by supplying your business with safe and functional change tables as well as the other facilities needed. Call us on 1800 992 135 for a quote. Or alternatively, use our contact form.