Limit The Spread Of Illness

In the winter of 2017, over 90,000 people in NSW were affected by the flu making it the worst flu season since 2009. Its nearly that time of the year again and the cold months are fast approaching. It’s time to think about preventative measures in the workplace to limit the spread of illness.

80% of common infections are spread through contaminated hands. While washing your hands is a vital part of keeping yourself healthy, soap and water aren’t always accessible.

One of the best alternatives available to avoid getting sick and spreading germs is Hand Sanitiser. This is due to the ease and time efficiency of the product. By installing Hand Sanitisers in strategic locations, you are able to encourage employees to improve their hand hygiene.


The Best Places to Introduce Hand Sanitisers:

Entrances & Exits

Break Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Employee Desks

Any High Traffic Areas


The easiest way to introduce a Hand Sanitiser Unit in your workplace is to have Sanokil install and maintain the unit. You can do so by clicking the link here.

Sanokil’s Hand Sanitiser helps you to cleanse and wipe away daily germs. The specially designed liquid pumps directly onto your hand and evaporates quickly leaving your hands clean and sanitised. The units are serviced at service intervals designed to meet your requirements.