Refresh Your Bathroom in the New Year

The start of the new year is a perfect time to give your washrooms a facelift. Not only will it improve staff morale and the perception of your business – but it can also increase the level of hygiene and safety in your workplace. Many people do not take advantage of the large range of washroom services that Sanokil provides. Getting more than just your sanitary bins from Sanokil means that the features of your bathroom all have a cohesive design, function flawlessly and are maintained by our trained service technicians. All this at affordable prices with next-level customer service. Below we will give you a rundown of the hygiene services that will take your washroom experience to the next level in 2021!

Sanokil can provide you with dispenser units that are stylish, modern and functional. They all come with a similar design allowing them to fit seamlessly together. Our soap dispensers, hand sanitisers and toilet seat cleaners work together to ensure the bathroom user is able to maintain the highest level of hygiene. Our service technicians will make sure that they remain full and functional each time they visit your site.

Sanokil can also provide the means for people to dry their hands – whether via a hand dryer or paper towel. If you get your paper products such as paper towel from us you can even get the dispensers for free! Just get in touch with our friendly customer service team for more information.

Kit your bathroom with family-friendly features. Our baby change tables are great at allowing young families to have a seamless bathroom visit at your site. We have a variety of tables that fold out in different ways meaning that you can choose one that works best for the space you have. Along with the changing table, it is important to provide somewhere for the bathroom users to dispose of the soiled nappies.

Washrooms are also prone to bad smells and insects. This is due to the obvious happenings of a washroom and the fact that washrooms are often the most humid and least ventilated areas in buildings. You can combat this by installing an air freshener unit so that the room is always smelling clean and fresh. An insect control unit will deter any insects from bringing down the ambience of your washroom in a safe and effective way. The pesticide used is natural and safe to humans.

All our washroom services can work together to make your washrooms great. Put your best foot forward this year and take your bathrooms to the next level. Get in touch for a quotation on our services today!