Tankless toilets from Japan are significant water-savers

In an article by International Business Times reporter, posted on 26 January 2012, ‘a tankless toilet so inspired Japan’s Panasonic Corp. that the company will end their production of water-logged toilets and focus on the design alternative’.
According to the article, the tankless toilet, named the Arauno V, ‘won’t be free of water, but will do away with the bulky water tanks that take up crucial space in tight urban abodes. Instead, the toilet will get its water supply directly from the home water supply’.
The new toilets arrive in Japan stores on 21 February, and as stated in the article, will cost a pretty penny to buy. The lowest end model is said to cost the equivalent of AUD$1,466 and the top-of-the-line is AUD$2,287.
“Tankless, water-saving toilets with attractive designs are designed to be easy and comfortable to use and environment-friendly, and bring about a new lifestyle for users,” a Panasonic spokesperson said.
Panasonic earned more than AUD$148 million in toilet sales in 2010, producing high tech toilets that have such features as self-cleaning, preheated seats and hands-free lid opening.