Creating Family Friendly Washrooms

Its is important that public bathrooms that will be used by families provide the amenities needed for them. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. We all hear stories about people changing diapers on floors and breastfeeding in normal washrooms. People with families expect that washrooms have space, hygiene facilities and privacy that they need – especially if the business caters to young families.

Although many businesses would benefit from a specific parents room this is not always possible. Much of what will be outlined below can also be applied to normal washrooms. Female, male and unisex washrooms can all be made family-friendly.

The first thing that you think of when considering a family-friendly washroom is a Nappy Change Table. They should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of children, haver certification and safety features such as a strap to keep the child from rolling off the table. They should also be made from a material that is easy to wipe down to keep the surfaces as hygienic as possible. Sanokil offers change tables that meet these requirements and come in a variety of options so that they can fit into different sized rooms.

After providing a nappy change table you will need to provide the bathroom users with a way to dispose of their childrens soiled nappies. Although a regular bin can be used to do this, there are many reasons not to do it yourself. Sanokil offers large nappy disposal units that are specially designed to store nappies and control the smell. They have sterilising granules inside that deodorize the contents. Another benefit of using Sanokil for your nappy disposal is that we come and exchange the bins for you. This takes the hassle out of making sure the units remain hygienic and functional.

Parents rooms should also have all the other amenities you would expect in a washroom. Soap dispensers are a must and people are becoming more and more reliant on hand sanitisers to quickly kill germs on their hands between touching surfaces. Paired with paper towel, they would also allow the user to sanitise surfaces such as the change table before use. Along with the paper towel, a separate bin should be supplied to separate the soiled nappy waste from the paper towel and other waste.

Another aspect of family-friendly washrooms that are appreciated are amenities that are designed for use by young children. An example would be urinals, sinks and toilets that are lower to the ground. The easier access for the child makes the parents trip to the washrooms much easier.

Lastly, consider making your parent’s rooms unisex or installing the facilities in both male and female toilets. Although there has been some change in recent years, there is still a large discrepancy in the options given to men when they are with their children. Many times they are unable to use the parent’s room or have no access to the same facilities that are in the female washrooms at the same building. This has lead to big names such as Ashton Kutcher calling for more equality in the facilities provided to men’s washrooms.


Your staff and customers with young families will be thankful for a family-friendly washroom. It will improve satisfaction in your business and make life easier for families who visit. Sanokil can help with creating the perfect washroom environment. Give us a call on 1800 992 135 or fill out our contact form for more information and prices.

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