Global Hand Washing Day!

Its global hand washing day on the 15th of October! This is a day that spreads the importance of proper handwashing as a way to stop the spread of diseases and save lives. The day has been encouraging creative ways to get people to wash their hands with soap at those crucial times since 2008. This first year had 120 million children across the globe participate in washing their hands with soap and water!

This year’s theme is “Our Future is at Hand – let’s Move Foreward Together.” which calls for coordinated movements towards bringing good hand hygiene to all communities.  Currently, there are inequalities in the facilities, awareness and promotion of handwashing. Whether that be in different work fields, economic groups or countries. This results in the people in these communities being at higher risk of disease and health consequences that affect their schooling, career outlook and overall quality of life.

Global handwashing day is about supporting the local culture of handwashing, shining a spotlight on Australian hand washing statistics and raise awareness about why it is important to properly wash hands. Statistics that around 30% of men and 10% of women do not wash their hands after using that bathroom shows that we have a lot of room to improve. Those who do wash their hands after using the bathroom often do not use soap.

At Sanokil, hygiene is our aim. We promote people to take action by supplying hygiene facilities to your staff. We promote proper handwashing techniques and aim to change the behaviour of those among us that risk their own and others health. Handwashing with soap is easy, effective and affordable. Our services can take even more hassle out of this by supplying and maintaining your soap dispensers in your business.

If you would like to get a quote on our soap dispenser – or any of our other services – please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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