The Move To Destigmatise Periods

In the year 2021 you would think that people would be comfortable with the word ‘period’. After all, it is a natural human function for women. But unfortunately, talking about menstrual cycles and periods in an open way still results in a feeling of embarrassment and discomfort for many people.

Woolworths renames feminine hygiene aisle Period Care with pads, tampons, menstrual cups

There is a new push to remove period talk from the taboo and remove unnecessary euphemisms such as feminine hygiene. Woolworths announced it will rebrand its feminine care category to  ‘period care’. Essentially calling a spade a spade. The move has been applauded by many across the nation while also highlighting the fact that the word does indeed make some people uncomfortable.

The change took effect immediately on digital platforms and will be rolled out to stores across the country over the coming weeks.

Woolworths director Natalie Davis expresses her excitement about the change :

“Many of us still tread around using the word period as if it’s inappropriate or something to be ashamed of. The truth is periods are a very natural part of life. This is a change we can make today that will help debunk the stigma of calling a period what it is and will help many young women grow up feeling less shame or embarrassment, so we’re excited to introduce this in Australia.”

The rebranding of feminine care to period care has already been rolled out in New Zealand where it was met with similar praise and success.

As a company that services sanitary bins for thousands of businesses across Australia, Sanokil endorses the open discussion about periods with the aim to destigmatise the topic.

Do you think this change will help destigmatise periods?