Start The Year With New Services

The start of the year is a perfect time to revamp your washrooms and first aid kits in the workplace. Although our customers always have sanitary bin services, many are not taking advantage of the benefits that can be had through our whole range.

Adding additional services to your washrooms such as hand sanitiser, soap dispensers or toilet seat cleaners create a great bathroom experience with facilities that have a matching design. The services also make maintaining your washrooms significantly less hassle. Air fresheners can be added to transform the space into a pleasant smelling environment that your staff and customers will love and our hand sanitiser units can be installed inside and outside of your washrooms taking the hassle out of staying COVID19 safe as we enter the new year.

Further, did you know that you can buy baby change tables, hand dryers and paper products from us? Our quality products are of the highest standard. You can easily make a paper order online and your toilet paper, paper towel and more can be delivered right to your door! We strive to be your one-stop shop for everything washrooms. We can even supply you with FREE paper towel and toilet roll dispensers when you agree to purchase your paper products form us.

Our first aid services give you access to a first aid kit that is compliant with workplace health and safety regulations. We even restock and replace any products that expire at no additional costs each time we service them. You are then provided with a certificate of service for peace of mind.  We also sell life-saving defibrillators so that you can be prepared for sudden cardiac arrests at your site.

Not currently with Sanokil? We are sorry to hear it! We believe our services go above and beyond the quality provided by our competitors. If you provide us with competitors quote we will try our best to beat it. Start the new year with a new service provider and experience the benefits of using Sanokil.

If you would like more information about our products, services or want a free quotation – get in touch today!

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