What Customers and Staff Think About Washrooms

The image that your business has is important to its success. Customers are more likely to visit and make purchases from businesses if they have positive assumptions about your operations. A good image also benefits staff and results in a lower turnover and happier workplace.

One important aspect of maintaining a good image in the eyes of customers and staff has to do with the quality of your washrooms. In the study below we will highlight this importance through statistics. Put simply, if people are not happy with your bathrooms they feel under valued. They make assumptions about your business as a whole – “If they can’t maintain a bathroom, how can I expect a quality management, services or products from them”.

The study involved 8,000 people and uncovered surprising insights into peoples views on washrooms. A whopping 87% said that they have had recent bad experiences with public or staff toilets. That is a much greater number than was expected. The study highlights the importance people place on washrooms and goes against many organisations current views. 77% said they would avoid bad washrooms. Another 50% said that a bad smelling bathroom will give them a bad impression of the business – something a simple air freshener would help with.

The study also highlighted they key areas of importance that they look for when judging a bathroom. These pressure points mainly surround the physical products that are available in the washroom.

What Do People Find Most Important?

As you would expect, toilet paper tops the list. It should be a given that there is always toilet paper in your washrooms. One way you could help minimise the risk of running out is by using twin dispensers that hold more than one roll at a time – or even a jumbo roll.

The next is soap – which is also a given. It is important and expected to provide soap to you bathroom users so that they con protect themselves and other against germs. How often have you gone to use a soap dispenser only to find it is empty or broken? The fact it happens so often is why it is second on the list.

Next on the list is paper towel. It is one of the quickest ways for a user to dry their hands and get back to what they are doing. As well as being a quick and easy way to dry hands it also removes any germs that may be left on your wet hands. Wet hands also pick up germs easier than dry hands when leaving a washroom. Also on the list as another option is hand dryers.

Lastly is hand sanitiser. This is something that is often overlooked but it is becoming more expected. In fact, up to 8 out of 10 people now expect a washroom to have hand sanitiser. The hand sanitiser is often used after soap and water washing but is also used by some people as a quick way to rid of germs. These people would otherwise not wash their hands at all when leaving the bathroom.


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