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In the realm of maintaining hygienic and comfortable washroom environments, Sanokils stands as a beacon of excellence, particularly in Port Macquarie. With a commitment to enhancing sanitation standards and ensuring customer satisfaction, Sanokils offers an array of washroom services that cater to diverse needs while prioritizing cleanliness and convenience.

At the heart of Sanokils’ offerings in Port Macquarie lies their comprehensive sanitary bin services. Understanding the critical importance of proper disposal and management of sanitary waste, Sanokils provides reliable and discreet sanitary bin solutions tailored to various commercial and public settings. From offices to restaurants, schools to healthcare facilities, Sanokils ensures that sanitary waste is handled efficiently and hygienically.

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However, Sanokils’ dedication to impeccable washroom standards extends beyond sanitary bins. We offer a range of supplementary services designed to enhance the overall hygiene experience. Among these are air fresheners, which help maintain a pleasant and inviting atmosphere within washroom facilities. Additionally, Sanokils provides soap dispensers and hand sanitisers, promoting hand hygiene practices essential for preventing the spread of germs and illnesses.

What sets Sanokils apart in Port Macquarie is not just their commitment to quality service but also their customer-centric approach. We prioritise open communication, responsiveness, and flexibility, ensuring that clients’ specific needs and preferences are met with precision. Whether it’s customizing service schedules or addressing maintenance issues promptly, Sanokils goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Sanokils’ washroom and sanitary bin services in Port Macquarie set a gold standard for hygiene and convenience. With a comprehensive range of offerings including sanitary bins, air fresheners, soap dispensers, hand sanitizers, and serviced first aid kits, Sanokils addresses every aspect of washroom management with professionalism and efficiency. By prioritising customer satisfaction, Sanokils remains the trusted choice for businesses seeking superior washroom solutions in Port Macquarie.



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At Sanokil, service is our business. We pride ourselves on delivering the best washroom services in Australia. We guarantee total commitment to hygiene service


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Terms and Conditions:

1. The free on loan dispensers will remain at all times the property of Sanokil.

2. The Customer will use these dispensers solely for the purposes of dispensing Livi® products supplied by Sanokil for a minimum period of 2 years.

3. The customer is required to place a minimum of one order every 3 months.

4. Should a breach of this agreement by the customer occur, the customer will either:

a) Return the dispensers to Sanokil and bear any costs incurred with removing and returning the dispensers to Sanokil, including returning the customers property (e.g. walls, benches) to its original condition.

b) Purchase the dispensers from Sanokil for the value specified above.

5. Sanokil will replace free of charge any dispensers which are faulty, unless these have been maliciously damaged after installation.

6. The customer (end-user) must personally sign the Dispenser Supply Agreement.